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Tips to Make Your Paintbrushes Last Longer

June 4, 2014
paintbrush care

Paint brushes are among the items that professional painters treasure the most.  No painter will enjoy using stiff or wornout brushes. The best painting results come out when the brushes used are in good condition. So, how do you make your paintbrushes last longer and in perfect condition?

When Painting:

  • If you take some break while painting, place the brush in a good-quality pail and ensure it is standing upright.
  • Fill your pail with some paint such that the paint does not dip the paintbrush up to the ferrule (the metallic section of the brush between the handle and the brushes).
  • Every time you place the brush in the paint; try to tap off any excess paint that gets to the bristles.
  • Keep the bristles of your brush moist until you complete your painting task. It will be easier to clean them once they are moist.

Cleaning the Brushes

  • After completing the painting work, wash the pail and add some water into it.
  • Using a wire brush, scrub out any excess paint but do it gently because scrubbing too hard may cause the bristles to fall.
  • After scrubbing, put dip the brush in the pail and swirl it within the water until any remaining paint gets off of the bristles. Repeat the same a few times while using clean water each time until all paint is removed from the bristles – the water should be colourless after swirling the brush in a pail.
  • Squeeze out excess water from your brush with your hands. If you are using a smaller brush, then absorb the excess water using a blotting paper. If the brush is flat and broad, you can tap its ferrule on the brim of one of your shoes. Don’t try this if you’re wearing flip-flops or open shoes.

During storage, keep the brushes covered in newspapers and then place them in their cases or any other boxes.

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