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About Brisbane House & Commercial Painters

Brisbane’s Excellent Painters is a family run business (QBSA Lic 744610).

What does this mean to you? It means we are not just employees, the business is our life so we care about the quality of work and ensuring our customers are happy. We don’t cut corners. Underneath the flawless finish will be a very well prepared surface that will ensure that the paint will last for the maximum time before any reapplication is needed.

We have accumulated a lot of experience over the years and are able to deliver high quality work for any large or small paint job, new homes, renovations, home extensions, interiors and exteriors and of course DIY repairs. Count on us- we can make the old new again!

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How much will it cost to paint a house in Brisbane?

This is one of the first questions homeowners will ask. At Excellent Painter in Brisbane we are committed to offering a quality service at an affordable price with NO HIDDEN COSTS.

Every job is different and costs vary depending on a number of factors including:

  • The total surface area to be painted and style of house
  • Whether the paint job is internal/external, or both
  • The extent of preparation work required, including if any significant repairs to walls/ceilings/fitted cupboards are needed; and
  • The types of paint selected by the client

Approximate Pricing Guide and time frame for Painting Jobs in Brisbane

Interior Painting

  • 1 bedroom Full $2580 + GST 2 days
  • 2 bedroom Full $3580 + GST 3 days
  • 3 bedroom Full $4640 + GST 4 days

Low Set home

  • 3 bedroom and Double Garage Full

    $5700+ GST 1 week

External Painting

  • Queenslander Large with scaffolding
  • $12800 + GST 2 weeks

  • Queenslander Low Set
  • $7700 + GST 1 week

Day Rates:

We find that hourly rates can be deceiving so day rates are preferable for most of our clients. So for those unfinished DIY projects give us a call now. Daily rate $1250 – Includes 3 Tradesmen, All Fillers & Undercoat.

Factors that determine how long a painting job takes in Brisbane?

We are committed to completing jobs efficiently because we understand that you might have tenants moving in, employees waiting for office space or, you just really need your home back!

There are many factors to consider that can impact the time it takes to complete a painting job in Brisbane, Factors such as size of the area to be painted, condition of the surface, painting experience and the weather are but a few.

Bearing all of this in mind, our team at Excellent Painters make sure we prioritise every job to ensure it is completed on time. How do we do this?

  • 1. At Excellent Painters, every painter assigned to your job works solely on your job until it’s completed.
    This benefits you because you deal with the same people every day and the job is completed as efficiently as possible. We also think it benefits our employees, because it means they can focus completely on each job rather than driving between multiple sites each day.

  • 2. Before we start a job we’ll discuss project timeframes with you and commit to sticking to them
    We’ve been in the painting industry for many years so we have extensive experience determining how long a job will take. If a job is likely to run over-schedule, we’ll inform you as soon as possible.

  • 3. We’ll coordinate project timeframes with other tradespeople, maximising efficiency
    Our links with other tradespeople in Brisbane mean, as part of our standard operating procedures, we always discuss the production schedule with them to ensure that each tradesperson is working to a schedule which will maximise efficiency across the whole job. This means you don’t experience frustrating delays due to poor coordination of tradesman.

  • 4. We offer an after-hours service
    We understand some jobs are urgent and for this reason, when warranted, we can arrange for after-hours painting to suit your schedule.

Why should one consider painting and factors to consider?

A new coat of paint is one of the final stages in making a new home or renovation in Brisbane look fantastic. Paint can also completely refresh the look and feel of an existing room or home. But paint isn’t just a decorative touch, it also provides a means to protect and maintain the quality and value of a property. There is no denying that paint is a necessity for any property and like anything there are levels of quality.

using right paint brush
waterpoof painting

Choosing colours

Having some idea about colour is a necessity as the right colour choice can look sensational but the incorrect colour choice can adversely affect the area. Things to consider are the purpose of the room. A perfect example is a nursery would require soft, pastel colours to create a calm environment for baby to sleep.

Bright vibrant or dark colours maybe used for an entertainment area and neutrals for a family room. There are a myriad of colour combinations for each area so it is a great idea to create a mood board with all the colours and coverings in the room (curtains & flooring) to ensure that your colour palette is going to be a success. This is part of the preparation and we can’t stress enough how important preparation is.

What’s involved in painting?

The general misconception is that painting is easy. To a certain extent this may be true and in most cases painting is only “made easier” when the area to be painted has had very extensive and well-planned preparation.

Correct preparation can involve extensive work if an existing layer of paint needs removing. Depending on the surface type, and the scale of paint removal required, painters may employ a variety of tools and products including: a simple scraping tool, paint stripping chemicals, a heating gun and even an orbital power sander. An experienced painter will know which tool to use in each situation. They’ll also be aware of the risk of removing paint containing lead (lead paints were commonly used on buildings in Australia before 1971).

Preparation can also take more time if there’s a need for repairing damaged areas, protecting surrounding areas, cleaning surfaces and implementing enhanced safety procedures (which would be required for instance, if removing paints suspected of containing lead, or when working on two storey or higher buildings). The variety of different circumstances painters encounter means they need an in-depth understanding of the broad range of tools and products available to them.

Every property is different and can present unique challenges to even the most experienced painter.

Some of the most common DIY jobs where Excellent Painters Brisbane is “called to the rescue” are due to incorrect preparation, cheap equipment or incorrect materials. Even if the owner may have taken a lot of time for preparation, using the incorrect brush or paint will result in a poor final finish. Let’s discuss paint first.

Know your paints

Paint is made up of pigment, resin and solvent. Pigment is a solid but as it is ground to fine powder it mixes with the resin to create a colour. Resin and pigment have the consistency of honey so a solvent is needed. This is where the price of paints varies as expensive paints will have the finest grade of pigment and less solvent, giving the paint an even colour and a consistency that provides perfect coverage with only one coat. Cheaper paints may require two or even three coasts to achieve the same result and may have a courser pigment, which will result in a colour that may not be even.

Not all brushes are created equal

Using incorrect or cheap brushes is another very common error that we see. Specific brushes are required for the surface and paint. Brushes are either natural (animal hair) or synthetic. If buying a less expensive, water based paint, a natural brush will soak up the solvent and make holding and spreading the paint more difficult.

Brush size and shape also needs to be considered. Sash brushes are cut on an angle and are perfect for cutting into corners or any other precision work. Flat cut brushes are perfect for holding and spreading paint and would be used for larger paint areas.

Brush bristle ends can either have flagged or tipped ends. Flagged bristles have a split ends and can spread paint more efficiently where tipped bristles come to a point and would be used on a brush where detailed work is required, such as a sash brush.

Common DIY mistakes

A wide selection of brushes are standard items in a professional painter’s toolbox along with a myriad of other tools to prepare a surface. All of these items are absolutely necessary, and to buy all items individually for a DIY project soon becomes a very expensive exercise. Other common errors we see in addition to the above are:

  • Inadequate protection of floors.
  • Incorrect or mismatch of paint.
  • Feature walls – both applications and cover-ups.
  • Damage to other areas of the house.
  • Damage to fittings on or near painting area.
  • Incorrect disposal of paint and cleaning methods.

It is amazing how much there is to think about when considering a painting job in Brisbane. That is where we come in.

Contact us today on 07 3041 1151 for an obligation free quote for your next painting job. We Service all Brisbane suburbs.