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Important Tips in Painting Your Garage Floor – Garage Floor Paint

garage-floor-paint-preparationPainting the garage floor is very important if you want to keep it from deterioration and staining. If you want to have a show room look, give it a tough finish. The first thing you want to do when embarking on this kind of a project is to ensure that the area is very well ventilated. Good ventilation is important because cleaners and paint produce harmful fumes. Wear gloves and eye covers so as to protect your hands and eyes from caustic chemicals.

Do not start painting before ensuring that the floor is well cleaned and thoroughly so. You can make use of a bleach to remove stains. Spray the cleaner on the stain and allow a few minutes before scrubbing the stain using a brush with stiff bristles.  After cleaning the floor, rinse the entire area using clean water starting from the back.garage-floor-painting

Make use of concrete repair compounds to repair any cracks. Use concrete patches if the cracks are large. Do not go against the manufacturer’s instructions when making repairs. Etching the surface is a very important process that opens up concrete pores and ensures that paint is absorbed well.

If etching is done, allow the floor to stand one night before you paint. You can make use of fans to speed up the drying process. Apply a primer coat by use of a paint roller prior to painting. Nicely done primer coat ensures long-lasting painting job. The primer takes at-least 48 hours to dry up.

Once the primer is dry, you have the green lights to start the painting job.  Make use of nylon brushes and special garage floor paint Once you have done the first coat, avoid walking on the floor until 24 hours are done. Do not drive on it until one week is done. On areas that experience lots of traffic, touch ups might be in order.

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