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Tips on Choosing Soothing Paint Colour for Your Bedroom

June 9, 2013
colors for your bedroom

Many people struggle when it comes to choice of the best colours for their bedroom. The bedroom is a place where you want to rest and therefore careful selection of colours should be made. The first set of colours you should consider for your bedroom is neutral colours. When going for these ones, you do not have to settle for white or cream only.

There are many other options available to you. You could actually go for gray or darker shades of sand which are soothing and still neutral. You could also go for an earth tone neutral, and this means going for gray paint or neutral sandy with a touch of black or brown in it. The touch of earth will prove very soothing to the eye and is a great trend for bedrooms currently.

The new and latest trendy colours for bedrooms are greens and browns. When choosing these however, do not forget the idea of neutral. The last thing you want to consider is a bold colour. Lighter and softer shades of green or brown with an earth tone are your best bet. Mixing green and brown is becoming quite popular today.

Blue is the most popular when it comes to soothing paint colour. Soft and relaxing shades of blue are a great design trend for bedrooms. Green blues have equally become much acclaimed. Ever heard of mint green? Do not be mistaken to think this is green.

It is a very trendy colour that comes out as blue and green and this mainly depends on the lighting in the room. The colour is not as bold and works very well as a backdrop though there is colour in it. You can make your bedroom as trendy as possible while keeping it soothing to your liking with the best colour choice.

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