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Important Precautions While Painting

May 27, 2013
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Painting is not just about picking the brush, immersing it in the paint and rolling it on the walls. There are many precautions that have to be observed while painting. Oil paints for instance have highly toxic compounds that could harm you if absorbed. If you have small children in your house for instance, you have to keep the paint under lock and key.

If ingested in quantity, most paints are poisonous. Toxic compounds can find their way to the human system through eating, breathing paint dust or absorption through the skin. There are a number of things you need to do in order to avoid absorption of paints in to your system.

Commercial Painters

Never bring food to the painting area. It would be disastrous to try and eat where painting is happening. Do not try to lick the paint brush. The best way to avoid this especially if you are a learner is to cover the mouth and nose area with a piece of clothe that will keep off the paint dust while allowing you to breathe without problems. Hands should be washed very carefully after painting such that no traces of paint remain as these might be transferred to food and drinks and ultimately lead to intoxication.

Another precaution to consider is to use another set of clothing while painting. The best way around this is to buy an apron that you can put on during painting. Avoid burning your paint clothes in fire as there are paints that produce these toxic compounds when exposed to fire.

Instead of using solvents to remove dry paint from your skin, scrap it off. Using a solvent could just be the right means by which the paint will get into your skin hence harm you. With these tips, you are sure to make your painting experience worthwhile.

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