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House Painting and Safety – the Professional’s Way

May 6, 2013
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As a professional painter it is advisable to observe safety tips before and during a painting project. You not only need to perform your painting job to the satisfaction of your clients, but you also need to ensure your own safety and that of your clients. Exercising caution throughout the painting project is wise. Outlined below are some of the safety tips to observe for a successful painting job.

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Evacuate your work area. Ensure that all the inhabitants of the home or building are evacuated during the project in order to minimize the chances of an accident happening. If there are any indoor pets such as caged animals or free roaming ones they should be removed or kept away from your area of work.

Ensure there are good ventilation. Ensure that all the windows and doors are wide open and let an exhaust fan run as you paint for maximum ventilation which is very important to your health.

Protect your health. Use safety gear such as goggles, face mask, overalls or aprons in instances where you are using solvent-based paints. The goggles and the face mask will protect you from the effects of solvents by protecting you from inhaling them. Mixing the solvents in an open area is advised.

Observe the ladder safety. During instances where you are using a ladder to paint the walls, ensure that the ladder is sturdy before using it to avoid a falling accident. The four legs of the ladder should be firmly on the ground. If the ground is not level use a metal sheathing or a piece of wood to ensure the ladder’s stability. Before taking the first step during climbing the ladder, ensure that the cross breaks are in place. Lastly, ask someone to help make the ladder steady as you climb.

Additionally, to prevent slipping ensure that you avoid using plastic as your floor covering instead use a drop cloth or canvas. Moreover, remember that paint and thinners are highly flammable, so avoid any contact with fire and if you smoke, then might not be the ideal time to do so. House painting and safety go hand in hand and when safety is observed during the exercise then it is said that the painting project was indeed successful.

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