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Tips Worth Considering While Painting Over Wall Paper

painting over wall paperHas that wallpaper you used before in your walls been a limiting factor while considering re-painting your wall? Well, there are solutions on the same. Mood, personality and tastes change over time. The once fancied wall paper could become inappropriate over the changing times.


This could just be the reason you want to change the whole setting on your walls. Most professionals will advise that you completely remove the wall paper before painting. However, depending on the kind of adhesive used while fixing it, it may prove impossible to remove. This is when painting over wall paper comes in handy.


First you need to have all the cleaning agents ready before you start painting. One of the agents is known as Tri-Sodium Phosphate or simply TSP. This is used in the initial stage of cleaning. Rinse off the agent with plenty of water and give the surface a good amount of time to dry off.


Ensure that the wall paper is completely fixed on the wall and that it has a smooth feeling even before painting. In an otherwise case, the bumps and tears will obviously show after painting. Correct any such mistakes by applying joint compound and sanding the surfaces. Use a sealer to ensure that the wall paper is completely fixed on the wall even after the painting.


The choice of the type of paint in this case is very important. Oil based paints tend to be the most appropriate in this case. Other paints may actually tend to unhinge the wall paper over given periods of time. Use at least two layers of the oil based paints, giving time in between the application of the other layer. At the end of it all make sure the painting is smooth and desirable even after painting over the wall paper.

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