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Why You Need To Buy Mildew Resistant Paint

August 28, 2013
mildew resistant paint

The problem of mold and mildew in dump areas in homes is real and can be very troublesome. This problem is brought about by fungus that grows in moist places. If you see your wall turn grey or black, it could just be an indication of mold growth. One of the things you need to know is that cleaning and removing mold can be quite costly especially if it is done by professionals. It can be a big hassle if you do it yourself as well.

The best way to avoid the growth and proliferation of mildew in your home especially the bathroom and kitchen area is to make use of mildew resistant paint. These paints are very instrumental in preventing the growth of fungus on the walls. The good news is that the paints are available both for external use and internal use and can be used on walls, concrete floors, furniture and wooden surfaces.

There are as many brands of mildew resistant paints on the market as there are manufacturers. Go for mildew resistant paint that has a warranty on it. If you are doing the painting yourself, you have to follow the direction stipulated including the number of coats specified for the paint to work as intended. In most cases, you will be required to use mildew resistant undercoat before applying the paint.  How effective the paint is will determine the number of coats you apply.

Two or three coats will work for many of these paints though there are those that a single coat will still serve the purpose very well. Before you apply the paint, ensure that the surface is clean. If you applied the paint on an unclean surface, it will not be effective. When you storm the market to buy your paint, go for the most acclaimed paint for the best results.

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