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Choosing the Ideal Paintbrush for Your Painting Project

April 2, 2014

To successfully, complete a painting project, you should carefully consider choosing the ideal paintbrush.  Different brushes play different roles and so; it is important to know the features of their features before choosing a suitable one.

Here are the different types of brushes you should know.

choosing paintbrushes

Stiff brushes: They are made from rough and thick materials like hog hair and synthetic fibre. They’re mainly used to come up with thick oil paint acrylics and products. They can help in the application of large amounts of paint on canvas or to create brush strokes on canvas.

Soft brushes: Soft brushes are other commonly used products and are suitable for completion of detail work. You can use a soft brush to evenly spread a thin paint coat on canvas. These days, most people prefer using sable brushes. You can also find other products similar to sable brushes in different offline and online stores at discounted prices.

Natural brushes: The natural paint brush works well for any painting project. The commonly available varieties are the hair of goats, sables, ox and squirrels. Most painters like purchasing goat hair brush because it is ideal for many painting tasks.

Synthetic brushes: These are not only affordable, but they also function effectively. They resemble the natural products. They are made of nylon and you can find them in dark and light colours.

To choose the right brush, you should consider several aspects including the paint, the cost of products and the finish. Handles come in wooden and plastic materials. They are also available in diverse shapes and sizes. Therefore, you can choose what will suit your preferences.

Another essential factor to consider is the paint type. Synthetic bristles work well for latex products. On the other hand, natural brushes work effectively for oil based products. The finish to be achieved depends on the brush’s quality.

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