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Top 3 Feature Wall Paint Ideas

December 4, 2013
feature wall paint

Are you considering updating your room easily and cost effectively? Well, you may want to try creating a feature wall.  All you would need is paint; and you can always re-paint your wall any time you wish to.

It is important to note that you must have several things in mind before going for this kind of painting. Without such considerations, you will never get to the expected end.  Here are ideas to guide you on the same:

The location of the wall

You must choose the location of the wall wisely. When you enter into a certain room, a feature wall will be the first thing that you will see. Always choose a wall that will have full impact on the room so that the results are not disappointing.

Choosing the paint

The quality of paint will determine the results that you will get in the long run. Therefore, you should always take time to find a supplier who is willing to supply the best quality of paint.

Further, you should choose the colour of the paint wisely. The most important consideration in this case should be the individual taste and preferences on paint colour. Further, the kind of room that you are painting will also inform the decision of the paint colour.

You can opt for bold colours, especially if they are not featured in the rest of the room. You can feature a bold colour such as red in your living room or bedroom. However, if your room has more bright and bold colours, you may want to consider going for neutral colours.

DIY versus hiring a professional

It is important that you consider hiring the right professional for feature wall painting. They should be trained and qualified so that you can get the best outcome in the final end. Still, they should also advise you on the paint colours and the wall location. You can also opt to have DIY painting. This saves you on costs and helps you to come up with a customized look in your home.

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