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The Latest House Painting Trends

December 25, 2013

We all love to follow trends in every aspect of our life. When one trend shows up, everyone drops what they have been doing, and religiously follows the trend. So, we can confidently say that life is about trends, and so is painting trends, too . . .

The latest trends in painting can be explained as follows:

Bold Colours for the Walls

There is a time when people would paint their house using only one colour, white. There were also considerations of mild cream colours. Today, people have shifted into painting their houses with bold colours such as red, orange, and light shades of green.

Combination of Colours

There is also a trend where people are combining more than one colour in one room. A colour such as pink can be combined with some shades of blue or purple.  Colour combination requires a lot of caution to ensure that you don’t make your room to look confused after the painting

Perfect Finish

It is very trendy to have a sparkle in your home or office. Today, people choose high gloss paints to ensure that their surfaces shine and complement the rest of the room’s décor. The best paint contractors in the field will advice on the latest colour finish such as the faux finishes.

Painting with the Size of Rooms in Mind

Paint is continually being used to give an illusion of bigger size in a small room. Therefore, small rooms are painted white to give an illusion of bigger sizes. On the other hand, dull colours could be chosen for bigger rooms to create an illusion of intimacy.

Other Trends

Painting is also done with much concentration on furniture, home décor and collectibles. The painters are also more flexible in the way that they offer their services, working more with the home owners to achieve the best outlook.

Coming up with a new trend is in painting is about creativity. Therefore, even while everyone else is following a certain direction, it is important that you blend in some of your own creation to achieve a perfect look in your home.

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