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Factors to Consider While Choosing Ceiling Colours

June 27, 2013

For decades, people have forgotten their sixth space, the ceiling, while painting. Often times, white is thrown therein with little consideration of the size of the room and the illusion you would want to create in any given space. It is important to note that the transformation you need in a space may not only lie in the walls, but also in the ceiling. Choosing ceiling colours may have been the only thing you needed to transform your space.

ceiling paint color

Consider the height of the ceiling before choosing the appropriate colour of your paint. If for example the ceiling is high, dark colour paint may be very appropriate. This will give the room a different feeling compared to painting the obvious bright colours often used on the ceiling. A sense of intimacy is created to this effect.

On the other hand, painting the ceiling with brighter colours could be used to open up small rooms. The obvious white could be replaced with other brighter colours such as light pink and sky blue. The choice of these colours must however depend on the colour of the wall and the furniture.  Consider balancing the wall paint with the ceiling paint to avoid sharp contrasts.

The source of the light within the room will also help determine ceiling colours.  When looking to paint the ceiling, you can not overlook the prospects of having a perfect finish. You could for example consider using the egg shell colour for a finishing colour.

In the long run, the colour used in the ceiling should be able to add more beauty rather than contrast the colours that are already in use around the room. It is therefore important to use appropriate colour schemes for the ceilings in your space. This transforms the space and gives a different feel all together.

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