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Best Painting Colours for Living Rooms

October 31, 2013

Your living room should always be inviting for you and the guests. One way of creating such an atmosphere is to choose the paint colours for living rooms wisely. Every paint store has a variety of colours that you could choose from in order to paint your living room.

living room paint color

However, you must ask yourself these questions- How do I want the room to look like? What are my individual tastes and preferences? Who are my frequent guests? The answer to such questions will guide you when you visit the paint store.

If you want to have a peaceful and a relaxing feeling, you may want to go for colours such as soft whites and creams. It is no wonder that most living rooms have this kind of painting. When considering having a bold, invigorating and a classy feeling in your living room, you can choose burnt orange, chocolate or even egg plant. The cheery impression is best created using colours such as bright white, warm pink and yellow. A posh and cool impression is best created using black and dark shades of blue.

Combining more than one paint colour in your living room is one of the ideas that could help you get the transformation you are searching for. There is a need to be careful when combining such colours so as to avoid creating a confused feeling into your space.  You could combine colours that rhyme or those that create the same impression.

You can paint the walls in one warm colour such as white and then paint your ceiling in a light green shade.  If you choose to combine two contrasting colours, you should always ensure that one of the colours is less visible than the other.

living room paint color

You should also have in mind that colours such as bright white create an impression of a large space. Therefore, if you have a limited space, such colours will be very essential.  If on the other hand, you have a big living room, choosing a dark colour will create an impression of intimacy and homely. In the ultimate end, the type of colour that you choose should always transform your space.

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